Saturday, 9 June 2012

Zak's Diner: Byward Market

Fifties-knock-off 24 hr diner, complete with mirrored walls, big reliable meals, plenty of choice, friendly staff, crayons for the kiddies, bottomless coffee, gets lineups after 10am on most weekends.

Zak's Diner has been a mainstay in the Byward Market since 1986. This 50's style diner isn't exactly your typical greasy spoon though. Designed to capture the invading tourists who descend on the Market every weekend, Zak's offers up your typical diner fare (complete with the Blue Plate Specials), at moderately inflated prices (although par for the course in the Market area).

Lucky for us we got to Zak's just before the morning rush (which seems to start at 10:30), so we didn't have to wait for a table at all. The service was friendly, fairly prompt, and everything was delivered just as ordered, with one of us enjoying the standard breakfast; 2 eggs, bacon, homefries and toast, while the other tried the breakfast with French Toast and a side of sausage. The food was good, the coffee was dineriffic. We really had nothing to complain about... but there seems to be something so sterile... while not unpleasant, Zak's seems to have a Stepford Wive's attempt at perfection about it.

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