Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Wellington Diner: Westboro

Relaxed and modern diner/bar atmosphere, large breakfast menu, $8 basic breakfast, $5 special on weekdays before 11am. Hot coffee.

Warning:  Breakfast may be slightly bitter this week.

I should tell you that I was not in a cheerful mood setting off for my favorite meal of the week today. Just as we were leaving the house, we stumbled upon the carnage that had been my freshly planted lilies the night before. The flowers were gifts and treasured as my very first garden blooms, but it would seem that someone or something would not abide by lilies! We are assuming it was a disgruntled raccoon who thought lilies might be tasty, then changed his mind and destroyed them for the offense. Whoever he was, this bandito destroyed my lilies and and ruined my mood for breakfast, so this blog may seem particularly bitter this week.

This popular diner on the charming strip of Wellington West near Westboro and Hintonburg offers a full breakfast menu including a breakfast poutine (fries and cheese smothered in hollandaise sauce), white, brown rye and egg toast, as well as this Breakfast blogger's favorite morning feast: the eggs florentine benny. It's never cheap but it's worth every penny when it's done right. Although we did not feel brave enough for the poutine, I did feel justified in trying the benny, in the hopes that it would bring up my mood, and take my mind off those dam-ned raccoons!

The Wellington Diner's benny was fair, but not good enough to get the unnecessary slaughter of my innocent flowers off my mind. The eggs were poached to perfection and the bacon was pea-meal and it even came with a fresh-ish slice of pineapple which was much appreciated. The hollandaise sauce was tasty but not ideal; I prefer my hollandaise creamier than this one, and i usually like my spinach further steamed. The homefries were your standard cubes of fried  potato mush.
This trip was underwhelming, but satisfactory as far as the food and service went.

As for price, I've got to say that a restaurant owner that only offers a weekday special, and raises the price $3 for weekend traffic seriously diminishes my faith in common decency. I wouldn't be surprised if this diner were actually run by a sinister band of cold-hearted raccoons.

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  1. I just wrote a lovely comment that got deleted when I attempted to sign in. THANKS GOOGLE! So basically, I wanted to agree with you about the hate on of raising prices at peak times. They should choose a price somewhere in the middle and charge that consistently so customers don't feel like they're being overcharged. ...blah blah...offering a discount at slower times...blah blah...I don't care.

    P.S. I LOLed at "I wouldn't be surprised if this diner were actually run by a sinister band of cold-hearted raccoons."

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